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Every athlete understands the importance of mental resilience. And yet, they spend very little, if any, time training the mind.

Rewire CEO Sun Sachs is a long-time elite cyclist. He trained 40-50 hours per week until he burnt out and retired at 26 before reaching his full potential. Sun turned to meditation and biometric data to improve his performance. He discovered that mental resilience training improves athletic performance. With that discovery, he co-founded Rewire. Rewire makes it easy to practice mental resilience training consistently through short gamified meditation and cognitive tasks, allowing performance athletes to train smarter and recover faster.


Rewire is a 25madison co-incubation. We’re tapped into the business, offering fundraising advice, introductions, and business strategy to help the company grow.  Rewire built and launched a standalone software product, with hardware soon to follow. They are currently focused on optimizing product-market fit in order to improve marketing KPIs, product engagement, and customer growth.

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Sun Sachs
CEO, Rewire