The worklife assistant cultivating healthy, happy teams.


Burnout is real. Productivity losses cost employers $225.8 billion annually.* Cuely is on a mission to help companies care for their employees through technology-assisted behavior changes.

Cuely is building a happier, more productive workforce, one team at a time.


Early in 2020, 25madison recognized the need for a workplace wellness tool. In our research, we met Cuely co-founders Terry Xu and Tianlun Chen, who have product and engineering backgrounds. 25madison partnered with Cuely to develop an enterprise-ready brand and product built to tackle burnout.

We teamed up with Terry and Tianlun to turn a compelling product into a brand filled with personality. They built the digital work-life wellness assistant. We dove deep to support them on go-to-market, creative and reaching the teams who need it most. With our support, Tianlun and Terry are scaling Cuely to help hybrid and remote teams across the globe build healthy habits.

Developing a visual system for each break category

Social campaign supporting the go-to-market
Cuely - The Cuely Mascot

25madison feels like a family to us.

As founders, there’s a constant struggle between spending time on product and spending time on brand and marketing. 25madison immediately freed us from brand and marketing and delivered outstanding results in weeks. In the meantime, we focused on improving product engagement. Together, we got the flywheel moving to become a sustainable business. We love 25madison and everyone on the team.

Terry Xu

Hands-on support and amazing people!

25Madison has been supportive in every area of the business - from building our marketing campaign, doing user research, to connecting us with strategic advisors and investors.  Truly amazing people to work with!

Tianlun Chen