July 20, 2022

Say hello to your Digital Worklife Assistant

Cuely & 25madison are battling burnout one bite-sized break at a time.
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25m Studio

Cuely - the AI-based Worklife Assistant, joins forces with 25madison, a leading venture studio, to help companies say buh bye to burnout.

This past year has been exhausting for employees - in fact, 89% are saying work/life is getting worse (see Harvard Business Review). This burnout is costing businesses $1 trillion a year (per World Health Organization). 

That’s where Cuely comes in. Cuely ‘cues’ employees with micro-breaks throughout the day - proven to make them feel better and do better. Dehydrated? We’ll make sure you drink up. Back hurt? We’ll provide stretches targeting your problem areas. 

Cuely launched this past spring in the Slack app directory, already earning top feature in the Health & Wellness category, and winning Product Hunt, Product of the Day.

Two former engineers at Twitter and Tripadvisor, Terry Xu and TianLun Chen began developing Cuely earlier this year - driven by the challenge of improving wellbeing at work through AI and unlocking employee potential.

“The boundary of work and life is blurring. Instead of trying to maintain a healthy separation, companies have started to embrace the mantra of "bring your whole self to work." While many companies respect employees' life priorities, few proactively help employees build better behaviors and reduce stress. It's time to start investing in employee wellness and improving their happiness, which will ultimately grow the businesses bottom line - because happier employees are more productive employees,” says Cuely CEO Terry Xu.

Happier employees are more productive employees

Cuely is in good company, joining our other companies in The 25madison Build With Us program - where entrepreneurs and the 25madison team co-found new businesses together - through developing branded experiences, unlocking unrivaled partnerships, and joining a community that shares in process and best practices. 

“Two of our high conviction opportunity spaces are Modern Wellness and Unlocking Business Value  - and when we met the Cuely team, we were completely aligned with their vision and mission. Terry & TianLun have incredible product & engineering acumen along with impressive traction. It was clear that a partnership with 25madison would double down on their business by developing the brand & experience, expanding distribution, and refining the business strategy. We are excited about where we are headed with Cuely.” - Matt Berberian, Head of 25madison Studio.

Cuely is available now for install on all Slack Workspaces, and in private Beta for Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and a MacOS app all under development. Reach out to team@cuely.ai to learn more or to join our Beta. 

Cuely visual identity developed with 25madison

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