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Clipjoy has reimagined greeting cards to make them more meaningful through personalized video messages that come from the heart and can be cherished forever. Clipjoy is the add on that makes adding sentiment to items simple. Whether you add a Clipjoy through online checkout, or via a physical card you purchase in store, the goal is always the same - to connect people through technology.

With an easily integrated plugin and a private, secure platform — Clipjoy helps people make moments that spark joy and give companies an edge in making impact.


Clipjoy co-founders Martin Aguinis and Liam Bolling came to 25madison with Engram - a storytelling platform joining moments of the past with experiences of today. Through connection starters, easy-to-use creator tools, and a private, secure platform — Engram helped families make moments that spark joy. After in-market testing, the team decided to pivot. Martin and Liam had proprietary technology but needed to figure out what to do with it. Together with the Engram team, we changed the name to Clipjoy and began R&D.

The team decided to build a Shopify app. With some UX work, Martin and Liam had it up and running it no time. Today, Shopify merchants can download the app to enhance sentiment & NPS scores, improve conversion rates, increase cart sizes and revenue, gain up-sell opportunities and access deeper analytics.

25madison also made introductions to potential distribution partners, culminating in an in-market pilot with one of the largest gifting companies in the US.

The 25madison studio continues to ideate with Martin and Liam, trying to unlock the next technological application where Clipjoy can make an impact.

The 25madison team has been invaluable.
Martin Aguinis
Entrepreneur in Residence, Clipjoy