Ryan Macy

Head of Engineering, 25m Health
  • Director of Platform, Reify Health
  • Chief Technology Officer, EvidenceCare
  • VP of Engineering, SimplyAgree
  • Technical Founder, CEO, CPO, Satchel Health

My role in 25m Health is to help our incubations and investments flourish in their technology journey. I partner up with founders to bring Talent, Technology, and Strategy to an apex. I particularly enjoy rolling up my sleeves and helping our founders deliver software, bricklaying architecture, and framing abstractions. My superpower is recruiting engineering talent and building engaging developer cultures (DX).


At my heart, I'm an innovator and complex problem solver. I write code every day and have enjoyed the recent renaissance in front-end tech. The big picture is my favorite place to explore, and I like leveraging my long tenure in health tech, building engineering teams, and launching new products to create wins. When I'm not working on startups, you can catch me on the ice playing hockey or building furniture using my welding or woodworking equipment.

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