Pervinder Johar

Chair, Board of Advisors, 25m Supply Chain

Pervinder Johar is a distinguished supply chain technology leader and innovator, renowned for his unwavering commitment to transforming the industry. As the CEO of Blume Global, he has dedicated himself to advancing the logistics landscape by creating a networked ecosystem that seamlessly combines visibility with logistics execution. His vision is clear: to empower companies worldwide to develop agile processes, reduce their carbon footprint, and optimize freight transportation on a global scale.

With a career spanning over three decades, Pervinder Johar has left an indelible mark on the supply chain sector. He has consistently delivered substantial savings for companies in transportation costs while nurturing collaboration and streamlining manual processes. What truly sets him apart is his tireless pursuit of solutions that allow customers to optimize their assets, effectively reducing carbon emissions, eliminating wasteful practices, and enhancing efficiencies across the entire supply chain.

Pervinder Johar's impressive background encompasses a diverse array of experiences in supply chain management and technology. He has introduced innovative solutions that empower companies to reduce their carbon emissions and enhance logistics agility. Beyond his role at Blume Global, he has managed global systems for industry giants like Hewlett Packard. Leveraging his expertise in AI, robotics process automation, and machine learning, Johar is steering Blume Global towards its next wave of transformative solutions, ensuring the company's continued leadership in revolutionizing the logistics industry.

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