Jason Judd

Head of Engineering, 25m Supply Chain

Senior Vice President of Engineering, Optilogic

Group Director of Products, Data Science and Analytics, Ryder Supply Chain Solutions

Director of Applied Research, Lllamasoft inc.


I facilitate the technical growth of nascent and early-stage SaaS companies. Pairing with our business units, I advise and collaborate as we work to create our next big idea.  I enjoy rolling up my sleeves to get the initial build out the door.  With a core proficiency in algorithm design, AI, and data science, I provide ground support for our founders.  I help hire their initial engineering teams and enable them to move forward.  My goal is to maximize the impact that a new company can have on the lives of others.


I enjoy the struggles of researching and learning about something new.  I love to tinker and build things. I take pleasure in passing on these valuable lessons to the next generation by coaching a robotics team that I co-founded. Additionally, I am involved in coaching youth soccer and leading youth church organizations.

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