Bobby Tuohy

Head of Studio, 25m Supply Chain

·     Director of Product, Flashpoint

·     Venture Partner, First In Ventures

·     Head of Product, Echosec

·     Global Supply Manager, Apple

·     Officer and Technologist, US Navy

·     Harvard Business School (MBA)

·     Harvard School of Engineering and AppliedSciences (SM)

·     US Naval Academy (BS, Naval Architecture)


I’m passionate about designing and buildingearly-stage products. The process of finding what matters to customers,determining how technology can solve a problem, and evaluating how value iscreated in a market, makes me hopeful we can iterate and innovate to a betteroutcome. Each day, I’m focused on finding new opportunity areas in which tobuild while ensuring entrepreneurs have the best resources to be successful.


A polymathic pursuer of existentialist truth, traveler and avid audiophile. Despite living in more than a dozen places, I considerKentucky home.  

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Building businesses is in our DNA. We’re a small but mighty team of tinkerers, designers, geeks (the cool kind), operators, business moguls and everything in between. Wildly strategic, yet so deep into it that we’ve got the scars to prove it.

Whether it's with the 25m Studio, 25madison Ventures,  25m Health, or 25m Create, we’re looking for great people who love their work, solving problems, and having fun. Jerks need not apply.