Bobby Tuohy

Head of Studio, 25m Supply Chain

·     Director of Product, Flashpoint

·     Venture Partner, First In Ventures

·     Head of Product, Echosec

·     Global Supply Manager, Apple

·     Officer and Technologist, US Navy

·     Harvard Business School (MBA)

·     Harvard School of Engineering and AppliedSciences (SM)

·     US Naval Academy (BS, Naval Architecture)


I’m passionate about designing and building early-stage products. The process of finding what matters to customers, determining how technology can solve a problem, and evaluating how value is created in a market, makes me hopeful we can iterate and innovate to a better outcome. Each day, I’m focused on finding new opportunity areas in which to build while ensuring entrepreneurs have the best resources to be successful.


A polymathic pursuer of existentialist truth, traveler and avid audiophile. Despite living in more than a dozen places, I consider Kentucky home.  

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