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Brian Hardecker, CEO of Truehold, saw that 1/3 of seniors have zero dollars saved for retirement. While many Baby Boomers may be cash poor, they often do have one meaningful asset – their home. Today, there is ~$8 trillion of senior home value, ~$7 trillion of which is equity. Taken together, the picture is clear: a meaningful portion of seniors will have little choice but to turn to their largest asset – their home – to help fund their retirement.

At the same time, over 90% of Americans want to continue living at home as they get older. Truehold provides an alternative: giving you the resources to build the future at home that's right for you.


Brian identified the need for a sale-leaseback model so that seniors could stay in the homes they love while protecting their hard-earned retirement savings. With Truehold, building a trusted brand that seniors view as a helping hand was important. After all, the business hinged on a consumer’s decision regarding their largest financial asset.

We developed a test brand that helped hone in on the most relevant use cases, audiences, and effective language. This process aimed to communicate our unique brand promise and inform a larger brand identity. We also assisted in fundraising, helping Brian find a strategic capital partner and two key angel investors.

All images courtesy of Red Antler and Truehold