Building and launching a new consumer fintech app

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Pattern is the modern financial membership designed for millennials. By equipping users with expert advice — a team of pros delivering tailored, tech-enabled financial plans — Pattern maximizes wealth during high earning years.


As millennials accumulate significant assets and encounter new challenges like stock options and equity compensation, they are keen to upgrade from robo-advisors to personal advice from accredited financial advisors.

That's why we co-incubated Pattern alongside CEO Christian Maynard-Phillipp. Combining the best in technology with human expertise, the Pattern team and 25madison studio set out to create a product and brand that stood out from traditional (some could argue stodgy) investment advisors while also differentiating from tech-only roboadvisors. Pattern’s Alpha launched to a group of testers in May of 2022, with the full product to hit the app store in the the Fall.