No-code retention platform for consumer bills and subscriptions.

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Founded by Zack Babin and Ben Gruber, Modern is on a mission to eliminate the $175B+ in household bills that Americans miss each year simply because of short-term financial trade-offs. Modern is an embedded payments platform for billers that enables their customers to renew service now and pay later with loyalty, not debt. This means, if a customer is tight on cash that month, they don’t have to choose between racking up debt and service interruptions. Through proprietary retention intelligence and direct payment integration, Modern delivers a personalized payment experience that eliminates unnecessary churn and maximizes customer LTV for the biller, while helping millions of households maintain their essential services.


When Modern initially launched its B2C product, 25madison played a crucial role in expanding Modern's brand identity system, conducting customer testing to refine product-market fit and working closely with the founders to strategize their fundraising and go-to-market approach.

In partnership with Modern, 25madison took on the role of marketing lead to help define the target end-consumer persona, which led Modern to revamp its go-to-market strategy. Modern discovered the best way to reach their target customers was through their billers (mobile, Cable TV, etc.). Together, they refined Modern’s value proposition and sought out biller partners.

These customer insights in hand, Modern has now approached billers with a B2B2C business platform that boosts retention for the biller and enables customers to maintain their essential services.

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