The app the prepares you for life's unexpected moments.

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Harbor is an integrated online and offline system of readiness. Readiness for what? All of life's disruptions: Earthquakes, Floods, car accidents, everyday mishaps; a platform that prepares and alerts, giving everyone much-needed peace of mind. Local, daily readiness & resilience. Everything you need for just in case. harbor is reimagining readiness for life's uncertain moments.


Readiness is a "need to have" market perceived by many as "nice to have." We were going to change that. Harbor would appeal to families who want to feel smart in taking steps to protect their loved ones– "just in case.” We set out to create the world's first loved "readiness & resilience" company by establishing a friendly and optimistic brand, engaging technology platform, and helpful products/services.

Together with Harbor CEO, Dan Kessler, and creative agency Union, we developed the harbor brand and product. Alongside the harbor team, the 25madison studio evolved the brand, product, and go-to-market and provided corporate and business strategy. The proposed harbor strategy was to focus on scaling technology - the preparedness plan first, optimizing towards user engagement, and layering on physical products and readiness services.

And, after only a short time in market, harbor caught the attention of the number one mobile safety app, Citizen. harbor was acquired by Citizen in Q1 of 2022 for an undisclosed amount.

Building businesses is very difficult. Most founders struggle to navigate the grind of building something from scratch. Working with 25madison I found partners, mentors, and resources that made the journey not just easier, but faster and more impactful. I believe we accomplished much more a lot faster with 25madison as a cofounder.

Dan Kessler
CEO, Harbor