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We are witnessing a silent pandemic of mental and behavioral health disorders among children and young people. Today, 1 in 5 children in the US have a diagnosable mental health disorder.  Yet, our children go without receiving proper care too often. Handspring Health co-founders Kwasi Kyei and Sahil Choudhry believed that every child should have access to behavioral health care, and every parent should have somewhere to turn. That's why they created a better care model.

Meet Handspring - an evidence-based behavioral health center that provides essential treatment for all children and lifelong skills that empower their success.


Kwasi Kyei and Sahil Choudhry came to 25madison with the idea to create an accessible mental healthcare center for all children. But, mental healthcare can be scary and hard to talk about. They tasked the 25madison studio with building a brand and designing a care center that children would enjoy.