Julia Sigal

Director, Venture Development
  • Idea Development, Fahrenheit 212 
  • Co-Founder, OnBoard 
  • Engineering , Amuneal Manufacturing
  • University of Pennsylvania (MS, Integrated Product Design)
  • University of Pennsylvania (BS, Mechanical Engineering)

At 25madison, I work across teams helping with ideation, customer research and product development. I spend most of my time either exploring early stage opportunities, unearthing customer needs and building sustainable businesses around them, or pushing our incubated startups toward launch.


A tinkerer and builder from an early age, I’ve always been excited about great design and any sort of prototyping. Between my 3D printer, calligraphy machine and sewing machine, my apartment is quickly turning into a small, personal maker space. When I’m not prototyping, you can find me seeking out new cultures and experiences, traveling whenever possible.

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Work with us

Building businesses is in our DNA. We’re a small but mighty team of tinkerers, designers, geeks (the cool kind), operators, business moguls and everything in between. Wildly strategic, yet so deep into it that we’ve got the scars to prove it.

Whether it's with the 25m Studio, 25madison Ventures,  25m Health, or 25m Create, we’re looking for great people who love their work, solving problems, and having fun. Jerks need not apply.