with us.

We’re always on the hunt for wildly passionate and incredibly capable founders, entrepreneurs-in-residence, and founding team members from tech to ops to marketing and more.

We hand build 3-4 companies a year and co-found and invest in select businesses. Our venture platform model excels because of our resources, network, capital, and proven process - all in service of building the next big thing.

Apply to co-found with us

Who you are

fresh minds

Wildly passionate about doing something big

Extremely knowledgeable about the things we’re incubating
A strong teambuilder - no jerks allowed

Full of unique and innovative perspectives

Skilled at something  (UX, engineering, other domain expertise)
On a mission and you’re in it for the long game

Interested in these stealth incubations or your own

A new type of robo-advisor with a human layer.
Next generation spirits brand of sparkling tequila.
Subscription box for faith exploration.
The Beet
Just add plants.
25m Health Stealth 3
Chronic and Behavioral Integrated Care Management
Acquisition company for Amazon third party sellers
Where people protect each other.
One cohesive development experience
Stylish party supplies, designed in house and delivered to your door
Get a guaranteed resale value before you buy.
Real-time sales assistant for effective sales demos, every time
Natural language processing for Radiology Reports
Forks Over Knives
Multi-media brand empowering people to lead healthier lives
Personalized digital avatars
Great American Plant Co.
Clean label and sustainably sourced plant based meat company
Handspring Health
Mental Healthcare For All Children
Reimagining readiness for life’s uncertain moments.
Changing the perception of obesity and redefining how it is treated
A low-code integration platform for automating and streamlining healthcare workflows
Kouper Health
Discharge case management software for hospitals
Invest in real estate properties, from your phone, for as little as $5
M7 Health
Nurse scheduling optimization software
First mushroom chai on the market (functional beverage and coffee substitute)
Virtual care clinic for women 40+ created by specialists in menopause
AI-powered software for optimizing operating rooms
Continuous orchestration of devops tools, pipelines, and insights
Outdoor apparel with patented NASA aerogel insulation
Retiree-centric digital banking and benefits platform
A hybrid (online/offline) luxury consumer travel agency
Vitamin infused chocolates made with clean ingredients
Income-discovery platform for the Gig Economy
Swap Health
Chronic disease management, weight loss and healthier living for low-income populations
TMRW Sports Group
Harnessing technology to build progressive approaches in sports, media, and entertainment
Thrive Mobile
Smartphone plan and software platform to provide connectivity for Medicaid and dual-eligible patients
IoT management and payment system for coin operated machines
Unlocks your home equity debt-free and lets you stay in the home you love
US Bitcoin corp
Bitcoin mining company poised to be among the lowest cost US mining operations
Verifi H2O
IoT water testing systems for real-time water quality monitoring
Reputation management software helping companies take back their brand narrative
Healthtech through 25m Health
Cultivating innovative businesses and ideas that improve access to high quality healthcare, use technology to enhance the delivery of care across the healthcare continuum, and support the continued evolution toward value-based care.
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Sound right for you?
Let's do big things.

Whether incubating alongside us in our studios, applying for funding from our early stage fund, or working within one of our portfolio companies, we want to hear from you.

A proven

Together, we will accelerate your idea into a scalable business through our proven process.

Serious resources

We have the skills, experiences, and playbook to build businesses from the ground up.

Foundational business and brand strategy, business modeling, and pitch decks
Comprehensive brand identity systems from best-in-class talent
Product Design
UI/UX, user research, concepting, feature design, and prototypes
Go to market campaigns, performance marketing, social, and content marketing
Resources for research, validation, hiring, and contract support
Cover all of your back office needs: legal, finance, HR, and general ops

High-conviction white spaces

We incubate and invest where our experience, research, and insights give us a competitive edge as investors. As our research and data changes, so will these spaces.

Do we invest outside of these spaces? Yes! We opportunistically invest across sectors and industries where we add unique value.

01   Fintech
02   Healthcare & Health Services
03   Sustainability
04   B2B Application Software
05   Consumer & Commerce Enablement
06   Supply Chain Tech

Co-found with us FAQs

Q: Do I need a startup idea?
A: We’re always on the lookout for A+ future founders to join our 25m team as EIRs, Product and Technology Leaders. Join us with a specific whitespace or idea in mind, or pick from our list of ideas. If you’re already in market with your startup, contact us here.  

Q: How many Founders are you looking for?
A: We are looking for 8-10 new founders per year!  

Q: Do I need to live in New York or Nashville?
A: Na. But we would welcome you into our office if you are NYC-based. For 25m Health, Nashville is home base and we'd love to see you.

Q: Will I get compensated while I am working at 25madison as a Founder?
A: While each relationship is different, we typically offer the following perks:

• Salary + benefits
• Access to our studio for services
• Initial capital and assistance in finding additional capital
• Founder equity in future company  

Q: What happens next?
A: Within the 6 months, we'll craft the plan and funding strategy, arming the project to move into the next phase.  

Work with us

Building businesses is in our DNA. We’re a small but mighty team of tinkerers, designers, geeks (the cool kind), operators, business moguls and everything in between. Wildly strategic, yet so deep into it that we’ve got the scars to prove it.

Whether it's with the 25m Studio, 25madison Ventures,  25m Health, or 25m Create, we’re looking for great people who love their work, solving problems, and having fun. Jerks need not apply.